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Tajima code available
our program was workable for design which was produced embroidery code.
If you make design by embroidery spangle punching program, this design is automatically converted as the workable code owing to our spangle ID program .
Real size Viewer implementation
You can check the ratio of the actual design in real time owing to converting system to show material size & basic picture in "mm".
Auto fill function
In case of the interior filled diagram if you design, you can fill automatically this at regular intervals owing to this function.
Color/size change as to selected object
it is not easy to select complex design as same color/size objects at the same time due to blend a variety of material. This function allows you to select the color or size you want to design at once.
Possible The select objects as designed unit
the diagram which was used for making object splits into individual items finally. Therefore, when you select an object, it select individually by 1Point. If you use this function for creating the object, the object of diagram is selected as your selection.
On / Off function for working sketches
In case of working on Background picture, this function makes it easy to background picture On/Off . you can see the results.
Insert the various types of the picture file
you can select it as a picture.JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and so many different types of picture files in the background,
display Design size in real time
You can see total size of design in real time when added / deleted .
Copy/copy inverted l/Rotate/Zoom
when inserting the same-shaped design repeatedly, you can easily design. If you can use this function.
Simple user interface
OS : Windows XP SP3 or later
CPU : Pentium IV 2.0GHz or better
Memory : RAM 512 MB minimum
Graphic card : over 32MB memory capacity
Monitor Resolution : 1280x800 recommended
Display color depth : 15 bit or higher
External Device : USB Port or SD Card Reader
Hard drive space 1GB free